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    Obesity, Mauritius

Obesity, Mauritius


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Latest News

Peripheral neuromodulation: a review.
Wed, 02 Apr 2014 12:05:04 +0100 | Epilepsy Curr
Authors: Goroszeniuk T, Pang D

Dietary intake and nutritional status in cancer patients; comparing adults and older adults.
Wed, 02 Apr 2014 07:20:03 +0100 | Nutricion Hospitalaria
This study involved cancer patients admitted to a hospital in 2010. Dietary habits were collected using a Brazilian food frequency questionnaire. Participants were divided in two groups: adults or older adults and in 4-cancer category: hematologic, lung, gastrointestinal and others. Body Mass Index evaluated nutritional status. Results: A total of 86 patients with a mean age of 56.5 years, with 55% males and 42% older adults were evaluated. The older adult category had a higher frequency of being underweight (24.4% vs 16.3%, p < 0.01) and a lower frequency of being overweight (7% vs. 15.1%, p < 0.01) than adults. Both, adult and older adults had a high frequency of smoking, alcohol consumption and physical inactivity. The older adults had lower consumption of calories, intake of iron...

[Roles of rs 6923761 gene variant in glucagon-like Peptide 1 receptor on weight, cardiovascular risk factor and serum adipokine levels in morbid obese patients].
Wed, 02 Apr 2014 07:20:03 +0100 | Nutricion Hospitalaria
Conclusion: Data from our study revealed an association with metabolic parameters and rs6923761. Levels of triglycerides, insulin and HOMA were higher in subjects with A alelle than non A allele subjects.

Estimation of antioxidants dietary intake in wet age-related macular degeneration patients.
Wed, 02 Apr 2014 07:20:03 +0100 | Nutricion Hospitalaria
Conclusions: The food pattern of wet AMD patients should be improved by means of an increase in the consumption of antioxidant rich foods, and a decrease in SFA rich foods.L.

Metabolic syndrome and associated factors in children and adolescents of a brazilian municipality.
Wed, 02 Apr 2014 07:20:03 +0100 | Nutricion Hospitalaria
Conclusions: The MS prevalence is high in children and adolescents and it is increased in patients with overweight, higher father education, increased serum very-low-density lipoprotein concentrations and a concomitant serum homocysteine and cysteine high levels.

[Accuracy of body mass index derived from self-reported height and weight in a spanish sample of children].
Wed, 02 Apr 2014 07:20:03 +0100 | Nutricion Hospitalaria
Conclusions: The self-reported BMI noticeably coincide with the current BMI in 10 to 11 year-old children. However, a modest concordance was found between the categorization within a weight-related group (normal, overweight and obese) based on both indexes, which shows the former could be a valid measure when carrying out population studies on obesity and overweight.

[Maternal actions and problems in managing the child's weight and their association with the maternal perception of the weight and age of her child].
Wed, 02 Apr 2014 07:20:03 +0100 | Nutricion Hospitalaria
Conclusions: When the problems related with the child's weigh are recognized, actions are undertaken and the problems are recognized. Interventions are recommended for properly recognizing overweight/obesity and providing information on diet-related actions.

[Hyperuricemia and gout; the role of diet].
Wed, 02 Apr 2014 07:20:03 +0100 | Nutricion Hospitalaria
Authors: Alvarez-Lario B, Alonso-Valdivielso JL

ChinchÓn declaration; decalogue on low- and no-calorie sweeteners (lncs).
Wed, 02 Apr 2014 07:20:03 +0100 | Nutricion Hospitalaria

A personal view of nutrition in spain.
Wed, 02 Apr 2014 07:20:03 +0100 | Nutricion Hospitalaria